the best of 2020

in the worst of times

it feels sort of strange to title a blog post “the best of,” particularly when it has been “the worst of” everything this year.

it was a chaotic year for each and every one of us. while i haven’t posted on here as much as i would have liked (thank u senior year), it is a project that has inspired and sustained me. in 2021, i’m looking forward to cataloguing more of my experiences, interests, and criticisms within this space.

in focusing more on culture, media, aesthetics, digital trends, and interesting people, i’m planning for more interviews, essays, reviews, a few guests posts, and more personal blogging (perhaps some *lite* fashion blogging?). almost midway through next year, i will graduate from college and with it will come the freedom to commit fully to this process.


newsletters have informed my taste & sensibilities, but also my politics, my worldview, and my values this year.

i wanted to take the time to highlight my favorite newsletters from this election / recession / pandemic year.

🏆 blackbird spyplane: a newsletter on fashion, or “unbeatable recon on dope-under-the-radar joints.” it focuses on menswear, but think grailed x @mistermort x a more chill gq celebrity profile.

🏆 gen yeet: a newsletter sitting at the intersection of politics, media, and “gen z” culture, hence the name. it’s a bi-weekly dispatch that beautifully weaves personal essay, cultural criticism, and prescient sociopolitical analysis. i look forward to it every time it slides in my inbox.

🏆 hip to waste: a newsletter that covers the politics and nuances of pop culture. it’s comprised of personal essays, criticism, interviews, and discussion posts on topics such as taylor swift, fake accents, man repeller, and “white girl pain.” one of the best.

🏆 medialyte: a newsletter that reports on the media business, specifically “the innovators, innovations, and reasons for optimism.” medialyte includes analysis of the industry’s actors, providing clues & a pathway for those who are willing to jump in. one of my new favorites.

🏆 deez links: a newsletter on the hot goss and breaking news in the media industry. if substack had a “penguin classics” list to denote the most authoritative and definitive newsletters in the space, deez links would definitely be on it.

🏆 worn in, worn out: a newsletter that sends you three cool products/clothing items/accessories/miscellaneous things a week. what more could you want! through following the newsletter, i’ve learned about cool new etsy shops and instagram brands. each time it arrives in my inbox, i find myself refining and developing my own taste.

🏆 maybe baby: a weekly newsletter about “hard-to-describe feelings.” haley is one of my favorite writers and her newsletter appears as a gift every sunday morning, as if santa himself quietly snuck it in. reading her work is now a weekend ritual, and her newsletter gives me something to look forward to in these times.


🤠 honorable mentions: simon owens’ newsletter on media (i love his podcast even more) / reboot, a newsletter and event series on tech, humanity, and power / cat marnell’s beautyshambles, because if u have read her memoir u know how funny + crazy + interesting her life is / hyperreel, a very fun newsletter on media, tech, and art / & my friend rachel’s newsletter, the daily rachel

please include any newsletter recommendations in the comments.

thank you for reading and following along this year. if u have time, feel free to peruse the archive of my newsletter, and subscribe to it in the box below.

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