Bring Back Easter Baskets

From the archives: on Springtime Purses

There is something sort of posh about a purse in springtime.

It brings back memories of Easter Sunday — pink ballet flats, noontime mass, bright yellow peeps, and tightly woven straw-colored baskets. These vessels, appropriately titled “Easter Baskets,” resurrected the springtime purse game with sustainable utility, playful design, and classically agrarian texture.

Last year, there was the return of the mini bag. We were ready to take it everywhere. From the park, to the dermatologist office, to the Function … maybe even a Memorial Day barbecue. Then we know what happened next. Au revoir to the petite baguette bag!!!!!!!

Forget this past year. Dissociate for a little.

I’m suggesting we bring back Easter. Like EASTER, in terms of “Fashion.”

Thinking about Easter gives me life. It’s about finding LIFE IN DEATH. Soon enough, we will resurrect our super stylish lives post-pandemic. We will have LIFE IN STYLE and LIFE IN LEISURE and LIFE IN FASHION.

For this summer, I’m craving a purse that is beautiful & floral, maybe with a repetitive print, and not too big. For this edition, I looked at the archives from The Victoria and Albert Museum, which supplied just the right amount of 19th century antique parcel goodness.

I like the concept of this one. The circular design is HYPNOTIC; copious flora and fauna spiraling out from the turquoise blue center. In contemporary times, this bag belongs to a girl who lives in the city but loves escaping to the Berkshires or Upstate for a warm weekend.

This one is like a blue raspberry gusher — intense in flavoring, but truly soft at its core. The western-inspired fringe makes it a somewhat American counterpart to the British bag above. The Meghan to its Harry, so to speak.

I love a good coin purse. It’s the perfect size to stuff into your GREEN wax jacket, or delicately place into the back pockets of your carhartt pants.

In general, coin purses are veryyyy feminine & veryyyyy dainty — a subtle flex showing off your manners and TASTE and l’etiquette (something that I’m not seeing enough of these days!!!!!)


I think the purses of today are slowly starting to compete with the purses of ‘YORE.

We have Staud, Margigaba, Susan Alexandra, and HVISK to keep us booked and busy. But, maybe someone…@someone…anyone (maybe me?) will make contemporary versions of the more vintage satchels to satiate the search for a truly adult easter basket.

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