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Dispatch from the archives

˜”*°•. Hello!! This is a new series where I will turn to the archives — the online records of encyclopedic museums, the stacks of the design library at my college, and the clandestine catacombs of tumblr dot com — to look at the past for inspiration. Instead of looking at the stars, I’ll be looking at books and magazines of years past, to see if they have anything (everything!) for us as we enter the “Roaring Twenties.” •°*”˜


Green is a superior color. It’s my favorite color. It’s a case from the mysterious ROY G. BIV that looks best on ME, but a shade of it probably looks good on you too. 

Green is the color of GROWTH. It’s the color of SPRINGTIME. of ENERGY. of $$$$$. of PEACE!!!

There is nothing more elegant than a hunter green in winter. There is nothing more dainty than a chartreuse in late spring. Or as carefree as a neon green bikini come August. 

In the March 17, 1996 issue of The New York Times Magazine, the style section is adorned with a delicate one-pager that reads, GREEN ALERT, which probably would have been the title of this newsletter…..had they not already used it.

A section of the preamble reads:

“Green is the only color that gets its own day. Some political analysts believe the Red Menace of Communism has been replaced by the Green Menace of Islamic fundamentalism.”

UMMMMMM. That’s 1996 for you. 

The article then quotes people on their relationships to the color green. I expected a fashion-conscious analysis of the hue, but these takes are the exact opposite.

“I treat all colors equally,” — Bob Kerrey, Senator. 

This quote makes me…. uncomfy.

“Green goes with peach and that’s a plus.” — Lorna Green, Antiques Dealer. 

Green and Peach should only come together in the event of a 2008 Lilly Pulitzer catalogue shoot. 

Maybe Lisa Says Gah can take on the challenge of redefining the combo for the everyday girl? Or House of Sunny for Spring/Summer 2022? Anyone want to attempt the style, and report back your findings??? Hit the reply button.

“Green is the unloved chuckle.” — Charlie Rubin, TV writer

I read this ten times and I still don’t understand what it means. As someone trained in the art of close-reading (English degree dropping in May ’21), this is truly untranslatable. How can a chuckle be loved? Or unloved? Pls explain the reference Mr. TV Writer.

“Every day I wear green, the color of camouflage. Draw your own conclusion.” — Gordon Lish, Editor

This one is me. I don’t want to be perceived.


With bad takes and poor humor, these contributors neglect to understand the power & potential of the color, GREEN.

Green is so versatile…and fresh… and flattering. I can’t wait to be vaccinated and wear green in the streets this summer!!!! Also, the best animals come in green, even the RAREST species of wild tortoise…….WOWW it’s so good.


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