routines n' sh*t: discussion

zoo wee mama! i’ve never used this feature before.

well, i wanted to open up the discussion to talk about daily routines.

“habits gradually change the face of one’s life as time changes one’s physical face; and one does not know it” — virginia woolf

jana bouc. tea and lemon on lavender.

mine looks something like this: wake up at 9ish, go for a walk, drink hot lemon water, sit down to work, eat around 12, work for awhile, either go for another walk or do pilates or both, do work, eat anywhere between 5-8, do a face mask, watch youtube videos, shower, facetime ppl, then go to sleep at around 12 or 1.

now tell me your daily routine !!! is there any aspect of your daily routine that you are particularly proud of? are any of you wake up and meditate types? stay up all night and wake up at 3pm types? lmk!

what about your daily routine is different during the summer? what is something you hope to incorporate into your routine? what is a roadblock you experience in curating a “perfect” daily routine? in seeing so many idealized lives on social media, do you feel increased pressure to maintain a perfect image and routine?

it’s strange that when i initially wrote this, i neglected to mention any time spent on social media. those of you that aren’t on social media, where do you see that time otherwise spent? for those of us that spend a lot of time on it, how do we save ourselves ???

if you don’t want to answer any of the above questions, what about the artists/authors routines do you find interesting?