Wild Tortoise

An Introduction

wild tortoise is a newsletter about fashion, aesthetics, and fine art — on how “the visual” informs “the political” or “the social.” it will also cover design, urbanism, beauty, and innovation.

so far, i’ve written about the trials of moving home during a pandemic, the connections between media, performance, and activism on social platforms, the nuances of the tik tok aesthetic “dark academia,” & more. i’ve also done interviews with prominent young women in the arts and culture space, including an up-and-coming fashion designer, a founder of an independent art magazine, and an art historian.

in 2021, i’m excited to focus more energy on personal essays, cultural criticism, and finally achieving an intellectual yet casual tone.

to learn more about me, head to my about page.

a short guide to my favorite cultural moments, products, and aesthetics rn. FYI:

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